Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quick school update...

I just want to shout it again ... I LOVE nursing school!!!  ....and I will love getting done in another five short weeks.  This has been one heck of a journey to travel through and I know that I have grown and stretched myself in so many directions over these last couple of years.

I am so enjoying my clinical in the NICU - I know my heart are with caring for the babies and I hope that I will be able to find work in this field after graduation.

Currently we are about half way through with summer term and I am working on getting papers and assignments out of the way.  There is so much reading to get done and once done there is always more to learn.  I love it!  But I am tired mentally and on my clinical days I leave with minimal energy to do more homework after at 12 1/2 hour day in the hospital.

The experiences that I am having in the NICU are amazing and challenging.  Everyday I am reminded of what my sweet baby looks like right now and how much assistance she would still need if she were to arrive at the present moment.  Everyday I am thankful for another day of keeping her safe in my belly.

I feel so privileged in my rotation to work with great nurses and have wonderful support from clinical faculty for my learning and progression in school.  I have learned so much and still I know there is a mountain of more knowledge and skills to gain.  Small steps will make big for now I just get moving forward.

I am almost a nurse .... five more weeks of school and then the NCLEX exam.  I can do this ... I feel fantastic doing this :-) 


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