Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Going home...

During the hospital stay, M&M took such good care of me - they brought me delicious treats every day and a lovely dinner...yummy!! Best of all, I got to spend a lot of time with Baby V - that was so special to me. I nursed her until were were released on Saturday. She is such a good little eater and she helped me get a good start on my recovery. She will always own a place in my heart and I am just so grateful for the time I spent with both her and with M&M during our hospital stay. I was wonderful just having time to sit and talk about many things but also this wonderful journey.

Magnus, Olivia and Sebastian came to visit me on Thursday evening ... it is always amazing to me how much bigger them seem after holding a new born - especially Sebastian. M&M brought in Baby V for them to see - I am so glad they did. They have been such a big part of this pregnancy and have been so good and understanding and happy about helping M&M to have a baby of their own. I am so proud of them.

The nurses and staff at the hospital were great. They were all so excited about this surrogacy and were wonderful supportive of our wishes the entire stay. M&M got to stay at the hospital as well and it was great having them right next door. Dr. E came to check up on me on Friday morning. We had a nice visit. She is so sweet and has been an amazing doctor to have. I truly am so glad that she was the one to deliver Baby V. Thank You!

Saturday morning came around very quickly. The nurses had brought Baby V to me about 4 AM for her feeding. After I feed her, I just sat with her and looked at her - her sweet chubby cheeks and little fingers and toes. She slept on my chest and I kissed her little head - M&M you have such a sweet little girl to love and cherish. Around 7:30 AM I changed her and feed again. I put lotion on her little skin cracks on her legs and wrists and just held her close for a little while. Then I wrapped her up and brought her back to M&M's room around 9 AM.

Afterwards I took a shower and began getting ready to leave the hospital. As I was in the shower my tears were flowing - what an emotional and amazing journey this has been. These tears were filled with so many hopes for this sweet little girl who will now go home with some very very special people who I know without a doubt will love, cherish and care for her. I got to nurse V one more time as she laid wrapped in only her going home blanket - I cherished holding this sweet little bundle as she ate up til she was content. Then M (IM) dressed her in her going home outfit and the nurses took her off for pictures. Both M&M went to pack their things and I was getting my stuff ready and called Rio to come and get me.

I got to help M (IF) put Baby V in her car seat and she sat there just snoozing and snug as a bug. Before I left, M&M gave me the sweetest present ever....a violet. And a paper violet and a little birds nest - thanking me for their little "hatching Violet" - it truly touched my heart. The violet is on my night stand and I look at it often. Rio then came to get me along with Magnus, Olivia and Sebastian - I went home with my three incredible wonderful children...and M&M went home with their sweet baby girl - life is good!

This surrogacy journey has blessed me in so many ways. What a treasure it has been to help create a new family and to see the joy in their eyes....I will never forget how good this made me feel.


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