Sunday, November 8, 2009


On Saturday we went to visit M&M and the twins ... oh what sweetness to see the babes snuggled up next to one another sleeping in the bassinet. K&V are so cute together. They have the loveliest chubby cheeks and the sweetest facial expressions as they laid there sleeping. I remember watching my own babies with amazement when they were that little - it is truly amazing that the human body can grow these perfect little individuals.

I dropped off my first box of milk for the babies too - pumping has gone really well. M&M should have a good milk supply for a few days now:-)

While there I got to hold and love some on Baby V. I got to nurse her as well - it was such a sweet moment to just sit there with her and watch her eat until she was first she did fiddle around for a bit but once she got a taste of milk she seemed to do just fine in knowing how to nurse instead of eating from a bottle. Thank you M&M for allowing me to feed her - your baby is wonderful!

M&M gave Magnus, Olivia & Sebastian a present from them as thanks for letting me help them grow Baby V. Thank you so much!! They were all very delighted! I am so blessed with three wonderful children - they have been so good and very accepting of this journey. We have spent lots of time talking about why Mommy decided to help M&M and although those concepts can be hard for children to understand...they all understand that helping is good and can be very special. They are all curios about the baby and really enjoyed visiting and seeing both the twins. I hope that they have learned something really important during this journey...that amazing things can be achieved when you give something of your self to help others.

M&M have also given me a wonderful birth present - I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. You will always be very very special to me.


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