Monday, November 30, 2009

Going back to work...

Today was my final day of maternity leave. The last 33 days have passed by so quickly ... time flies and in an instant little babies get big. My "biggest" baby is 10 now and growing so is hard to believe that 10 years have gone by with Magnus in our lives ... sometimes I wish I could stop time for just a bit and linger in the moment.

My last day at home started out great ... I received an email with new pictures of Baby V. She looks so wide-eyed and alert.....cute as can be. M&M and the babies are planning to come out for a visit next weekend - it will be wonderful to see them and I am really looking forward to the visit.

Tomorrow the challenge of pumping will be increased a bit by going back to work. Luckily my milk supply is good and I consistently pump over 40 ounces of milk per day. For now my output is keeping up with Baby V's intake - hopefully it will stay at the same level even though my pumping schedule will change a little bit. I have had a clogged milk duct the last couple of days but it finally resolved this boob is feeling so much better...glad that is not an issue to have to deal with tomorrow!


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