Sunday, January 30, 2011

Entering Second trimester...

Time is flying and my belly is growing! Tuesday marks the last day of the first trimester of my pregnancy ... it is reaching a milestone. I feel so fortunate that our IVF treatment worked on the first try and that two little babies are growing bigger every day.

I have my next appointment with Dr. E on Monday and hopefully everything will look fabulous - the only thing I fear is the scale!!! I am really eating very healthy. I do a lot of snacking but it is mostly on fruit, veggies and almonds - but I do see the number on the scale creeping up. From my home scale it seems that I have gained about 4 lbs in the last 3 seems like a lot to me but then again I know that it is twins so I will be gaining more than with the singletons.

I actually feel really really good. I am very hungry but cannot eat a whole lot at the time. It is so funny that L (IM) is telling me that she is hungry all the time too ... love it!!! My nausea is all but gone and only creeps up on me if I wait too long to eat anything. I am still tired and enjoy every extra nap that I get. Actually this morning I managed to stay in bed until 9! The I was famished and just had to get food...

I am pretty sure that I felt one of the babies move this past week. I know it is still early but it is such a distinct feeling. It was just ever so faintly and just a couple of times..but really just the thought of it makes me incredibly happy. It is just so re-affirming to feel life.


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