Thursday, January 13, 2011

First OB visit...

Monday was my first OB visit with Dr. E. Everything went really really well. We started the appointment of with an abdominal ultrasound and we saw the babies very clearly and heard the heart beats as well. It was hard to get a super clear sound of the heart beats but they both measured in the 106's which is excellent.

We talked through the additional risk that a twin pregnancy carries but Dr. E. is just so calm and wonderful. She is open to a vaginal deliver as long as baby A is presenting vertex ... now I think "baby A" is always the one presenting first ... but I need to ask Dr. H on how they decide which is A and which is B - all these new things to learn!

The rest of my initial exam went pretty quick and all looks great. Since it is a twin pregnancy there will be a few more appointments than usual and some growth scans via ultrasound to ensure that the babies are both growing well...but unless something out of the ordinary comes up, Dr. E is comfortable handling the pregnancy here at the coast which is great.

I had a great long call with L on Tuesday about the appointment. I was able to take some video of the ultrasound and had send the couple of ultrasound printouts to her and J as well. I know they were excited to see the video too ... it is a great way to share the appointment with them when they cannot be here in person.

In just another 4 days I go back to Dr. H for another ultrasound at the clinic. If all is looking well, this will be my last appointment at the reproductive clinic. They will also do blood work on that day, and I am hopeful that they will take me of the injectable medications very soon.

My nausea still continues but it is not as frequent anymore. It mostly happens first thing in the morning from I wake up until I get something in my stomach and then again later in the evening - a few hours after dinner. It usually helps if I eat some fruit or have some toast and milk. It occasionally happens doing the day as well but thankfully it is becoming less and less frequent.

Here is to a long and healthy twin pregnancy!!


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