Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last RE visit...

Monday was my last visit to the RE's office...Yeah for getting fully released to my regular OB. The visit went really really well and the babies look good.

Baby A measured 10 weeks on the dot and had a heart beat of 178. Baby B measured 9 weeks 5 days with a heat beat of 187. Both had good size sacks and the umbilical cords looked good. Dr. H took lot of pictures and I video taped the appointment for L&J so they can see the progress.

It is amazing how much the fetuses change at this early stage. Last week at my OB's office they still looked like little beans ... yesterday we could see little limbs moving around and the body is really resembling a baby now - although with a very big head. It is incredible that something that small can be this developed. The best part of the visit was getting to hear the heart beats. I love the sound of "little horses" galloping away. I heard them very faintly at the OB's office last week, but yesterday we heard them very very clearly and it is just an amazing sound.

I feel nausea is lessening a bit so that is nice. My belly is already here and I have trouble fitting into my pants. I went to get a belly band yesterday which can be used to keep up "unbuttoned pants" to extend the life of my regular wardrobe just a bit. I am not quite ready to move into maternity pants but it probably will not be long.

It will be interesting to see how big my belly will grow this time given that there is twins in there....grow babies grow.


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