Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baby update...

Baby girl is doing great.  Her heart rate was galloping along at 138 beats per minute and her estimated weight is at 1 lbs 6 oz.  The placenta looks good and firmly attached - it makes me breathe a sigh of relief.  While the placenta is sitting across the front of my belly, all the blood flow is contained within the uterine cavity and there appears to be no risk for accreta along my previous c-section scar.  It truly was all good news today.

My OB is happy with my blood sugars - they are all within range even without any change to my diet.  Though I can tell that Mexican food is definitely giving my higher blood sugars .. so I will attempt to lay off that for the rest of my pregnancy.  I will continue to do blood sugar checks for the last few days before each visit.  The scale is up a few pounds so all in all I have gained about 12-13 lbs now.  

I checked in with my doc about the delivery date again and it looks like 37 weeks will be baby time.  I finish school in the very end of August and week 37 is that very next week.  It seems a little unreal and then again VERY real!  Wow baby girl stay snuggled up .. we have one exciting summer ahead of us.

I go back to the doctor in 4 weeks ... I am so happy and relieved that all is looking good. 


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