Saturday, June 21, 2014


Three years ago I met Whoopi!!!  Really it was a VERY exciting day.  I spent the day in New York City in the Studios filming the View, taking in Central Park, and enjoying time with M&M, Miss V and her brother ... it was a beautiful experience.  I want to go back to visit New York and take my children to Central Park and visit all the sights.  Today I just want to revisit the great pics!!!


Thinking back 3 years this specific day is held close in my heart as that was also the day we lost little J.  Even as time passes the memories are so vivid in my heart and I cannot help to wonder why he had to leave us so soon.

The day I left for New York I left the NICU as little J came out of his first surgery.  Seeing his little body so still and tied to so many wires and tubes is etched in my mind forever.  But more so is remembering the pain washing over everyone there.  L&J and L's mother and myself ... feeling so powerless against the forces of nature on a course that could not be changed by any medical intervention.

On Tuesday I will enter the NICU as a student nurse.  I know that my summer in there will bring close memories that are difficult but I also know that I am so excited to begin this final term of my education and looking foward to working with these little tiny babies.  Today I completed another preparatory task in for this summer term by attending the S.T.A.B.L.E. class.  It was great and filled with lots of learning.....summer term here we go!


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