Sunday, June 29, 2014

Past the 27 week mark and entering the third trimester...

It feels so good to be past the point in my pregnancy where I delivered the twins.  Looking back over the last couple of months, there have been so many days bore reminders of some really difficult times and getting past these is good for my sanity.

Today I am 27 weeks + 3 days pregnant - exactly a week further along than when I delivered sweet N&J.  As I enter the third trimester, I am thankful for each additional day of growing time in utero and every week will feel like another little victory in my book.  I think that once you have experienced a significant complication, the worry of a potential repeat lingers.  I know full well that anything can happen at anytime and that feeling of vulnerability is there, but I hope and pray that baby girl will just stay put and let me love and nurture her below my heart for a good while longer.

In the last few weeks I have felt a drive to get stuff ready for baby.  I am very happy with some successful Craigs List purchases; a pack-and-play, a crib, changing table, play mat, bouncy seat, baby bath tub, some clothes and a great deal on diapers and bath stuff (a mom decided to go completely scent free and was gifted a lot of scented stuff at her baby shower) and a biggie... a brand new car seat of the exact model I wanted.  The seller still had it in the plastic bagging and box and sold it to me for $40 cheaper than I would have to pay at the store as she had received a second one at her baby shower!!!  Score!  And then when I went to get the matching stroller, I found the last one in the store on clearance :-)

I have also bought some newborn essentials including cute little bows for our little princess :-)  There are a few random pieces that we still need to get but overall I feel pretty ready in the baby department which is good as this term will be BUSY in school!

I started my rotation in the NICU last week and had a great couple of first days there.  It will be a challenging term and there is so much to learn.  Working with and looking at these little fragile babies is a staunch reminder of where my baby is in her development right now, it is also the work I have been drawn to for a very long time and I am really excited to be there.

Off to write a couple of papers and a whole lot of studying for my upcoming skills lab :-)

Happy Sunday everyone!


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