Saturday, June 4, 2011

3 weeks old...

Gestational age: 29 weeks and 2 days ... still itty bitty - but SO cute!

I visited the NICU yesterday ... it was so good to see them and L. I had made overnight arrangements for all the kids at home so that I would have plenty of time for good visit. Since I was driving in to Portland in the afternoon, I hit rush hour traffic through the city. I arrived at the hospital late afternoon and L came to help with the milk. I had a good load to drop up for the boys so they should be stocked on food for a while. My breast milk gets fortified with additional nutrients and little by little the amount of feedings are increased. After dropping off milk, I got to see the sweet boys for just a bit before I went to pump for them and shortly after we had to leave the unit for the shift change where no visitors are allowed in the NICU during that time. During the shift change, L carried the cooler, now filled with lots of empty milk containers, back to my car and we went to get some dinner from the cafe in the hospital lobby. It was wonderful getting to catch up with L for a little bit - she is such a sweet person and I am feel really blessed that our paths in life have crossed. It was good to hear about her kiddos at home and how everyone is holding up. I know this is a very difficult time for all of their family and the stress of a NICU experience can be tough.

After dinner and shift change we headed back up to the unit and I got to be there when the RT and nurse were changing the boy's cpap's. What a wonderful experience! For the first time (other than in pictures) I got to see their whole little faces and heads without any tubes ... they are such little sweethearts. I got to love a little bit on both of them too - feeling both of their little heads with silky hair and their little feet. This was the first time I have gotten to touch the sweet babes and it felt incredible. I also got to help change Nik's little bitty diaper and let me tell you .. he got the pooping thing down :-) Both the boys did really well of their cpaps and L got some cute pictures. I am very thankful to L for letting be help out - it really just made my day.

The staff in the NICU is fantastic and the nurse from last night is really sweet and gentle with the boys. it is good to know that the little ones are being watch over with great care.

The three important thing for them is to breathe, eat and grow...Grow grow grow!!


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