Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NICU visit...

Last Friday I went to visit the boys and L up at the NICU ... they have both gained a bit of weight since I saw them last and they look wonderful but are still ever so tiny. As of today J has hit the 3 lb mark and N is not far behind - Yeah!!!

I had a really busy day actually. First I went to the MAC store to have them look at my computer which of course could not be repaired right then and there ... so I had to leave my computer (..I feel naked!) so they can replace my internal mouse track pad. After dropping of the computer I met another surro friend for lunch. Andrea is so great and we had a good time catching up on life.

Mid-afternoon I went over to OSHU for my appointment there - and I cannot completely decide whether it was helpful. The counselor did give me some objectiveness to the situations and put some things in a different perspective than what I have considered ... so I guess it was helpful but the verdict is still out.

I spent the late afternoon through almost midnight at the NICU - I enjoyed having time to watch the boys and talk to L. It is amazing to just watch them .. they are little miracles. L and I had dinner and a nice chat ... I know it is a tough experience in the NICU but she is staying amazingly strong and is such a good advocate for her little boys. I was there for their cpap change so I got to see them without all the gear. I also got to change J's little diaper - so little and cute! Both boys are looking good and you can tell they are starting to gain and fill out their little skin folds a little bit.

Grow Grow Grow...


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