Friday, April 6, 2012

Face to face...

I am so excited!  After almost two years of emails and phone calls ... I am getting to meet A&S in person.  We are making plans for a visit very soon.  Hopefully their time schedule will allow for them to make a little road trip and come in our direction.  Coming up here to will allow them to visit the local hospital and meet with Dr. H ...and of course spend time with all of us.  If time does not allow for them to come here for a visit, I will fly out for a quick trip at some point in April.  Either way it will be great ... I can't wait to meet face to face :-)

It is very exciting that all is moving forward....really I did not think I would ever find myself at this point again.  But here we and A, S and I are all looking forward to what is to come.  Tonight I will be starting the last pill packet for my birth controls pills for hopefully a very long time.  Lupron injections will begin later this month, hormone injections will begin in May, and then we are scheduled for a transfer in the end of May.



greatdana said...

Do you mind if I ask how you met A and S and why it's been two years?

Fie said...

Dana ... I will email you :-)

Timing in life is interesting ... when we were first introduced, timing was not the right for us to begin our journey. We stayed in touch and a friendship has blossomed ... making this journey very special to me.

greatdana said...

Very cool!

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