Friday, April 13, 2012

It is Friday the 13th...

It is Friday the 13th again!!  11 months ago I was sent via ambulance transport to the high risk ob unit at Legacy Emanuel in Portland....such a heartbreaking day.  The 13th of each month is a little bitter sweet and even more so when it again lands on a Friday.

But today the sun is shining and I actually feel really great.  I am sad that I hear nothing about little N but I am somewhat at peace with that...and have chosen to be hopeful that someday maybe I will.

Many things feel like they are moving in the right direction and I just feel very positive about where my life is taking me right now.  The kids are all doing well ... they are happy to be back home - they are surrounded by friends and I love seeing their happy faces coming running off the school bus, to barely say hello before a row of friends are at the door ready to play.  We are truly blessed with a wonderful neighborhood and great kids around us.

Rio accepted a job in Portland this week and we will now be planning for his transition to come back in this direction.  We are all very excited about that.  The last few years after graduating from PA school has been hectic for him ... the job market on the coast was not the greatest and it took him (and us) on an adventure back to the mid-west for a short period of time.  Truly the setting was not right for us ... and being back "home" in Oregon makes me happy and the fact that Rio is now coming back too - just makes me feel that this is where we are meant to be ....ok ok at least for now ;-)

I feel much clarity in my life with respect to taking a new career direction as well.  Giving up school and the spot in the nursing program in Peoria was hard ... but I am back at it and new opportunities will come along.  There are two accelerated nursing programs in Portland that I am looking at and I feel certain that it will fall into place when time is right.  I feel strongly about pursuing nursing school - it will happen.. it may take some time but it will happen.

On the surrogacy front things are really good too.  I am excited about my trip to see A&S next week ... everything is falling into place nicely.  We are pleased at how it is all moving forward and truly we are letting faith plot the course.  I feel strongly that I am doing the right thing in helping them in trying to reach a dream.


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