Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The 411...

I met with Dr. E today ... am I any smarter than yesterday?  Nope - not really, but I am more informed and that was my whole intention behind the consult - to be informed.  To be re-affirmed that I am not "broken" and that I have options *IF* I want them.

Pregnancy carries risk, infertility treatment and carrying someone else's dreams carries risks - heck life carries risk.  Risk level is an individual comfort zone, but button line is that should I choose to be pregnant again then I can.  Will there be a statistically higher risk for me than someone without my history?  Sure but not that significantly greater and I would feel comfortable with that risk level.

Placental abruption happens and not all that much is known as to why (unless of course it is resulting from one of the major indicative scenarios...such as trauma) or how to prevent it for that matter.  My risk with respect to another abruption is low somewhere around the 1% for a given pregnancy.  My risk for complications due to my vertical c-section incision is also small given my health history.

Rio asked me what I am going to do with this information.  The answer for now is ... Nothing.   After the delivery of N&J, I just felt such a loss of control - I hate when decision about me happens without my input ...  if you have not noticed by now - I like to be in control!   I needed to know that my options were not taken away from me but rather that I can make an active decision about my life.  That I have a choice and a voice ...

I am NOT broken :-)

..On a side note ~ I received the cutest picture of little N today.  He is growing some cute chunky rolls around his legs and arms.  Sweet ... thank you L!


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