Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am having a bit of a crazy time right now.  Getting settled takes forever and it seems that even though I bust my rear everyday there is just still more stuff to get done....but I am making headway! 

It has also been crazy busy with doctors and dentist appointments.  All the kids needed check-ups from an IL physician to have on file at school.  Magnus and Olivia also needed sports physicals.  Poor Olivia has several follow-ups - she both needed to see the podiatrist and the dermatologist.  We saw the derm guy today - ugh I did not like him one bit...bad bedside manners!!  Anyway her warts have now been frozen again (this is the 3rd time) and hopefully 3rd time is the charm.

The kids also need dental records on file at school ... and again the OR records do not work ... so off to find a new dentist.  I found one and we went right away because I knew little Mr. Sebastian had a cavity to be filled.  Before I made the appointment, I called them and told them which two teeth that needed work and they also got the full records from Dr. W's office back in Oregon.  Well after the check-up's the dentist says "they all look great with no problems" .. I was like ... "WHAT ...uhmm no"! 

How the heck could they miss not one but two cavities after they have been told they are there????  grrr...I even had to pull out Dr. W's x-ray and show them to her because their x-rays were not low enough to see it.  Man I am questioning that practice big time and truth be told off to look for a another new dentist!


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