Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A mother's intuition...

In college I was VERY science phobic.  So much that I kept on delaying one of my science requirements until my graduating there I was taking rock science (geology 101) as a senior along with all freshmans.  It was actually fun ... and compared to 400-level accounting classes it was a breeze.

Well things have changed!  I have changed - a lot!  ...and what is funny to me, is that my mother somehow pinpointed the change in my heart and the direction I am considering out of the blue during her recent visit.  It must be a mother's intuition because I have not talked to anyone about this other than Rio.

Anyway I digress, over the last few years, I have been trying to put a finger on exactly what has changed for me .. and it has taken some time to figure it out.  I knew there was something else I am meant to be doing.  Do not get me wrong, I actually love accounting but ... yes there is a but!   While I really like what I do, I do not feel completely fulfilled in my career choice and I feel an inner urge to have more of a human impact.

Over the years I have looked and researched different career choices (especially as Rio has kept going back to school) and I keep coming back to the same thing.  Honestly for a long time I disregarded my feelings.  Both because Rio was in school and it seemed that I could be fine and happy continue doing what I already am doing.  But also because I was getting a huge "feel good" human impact from being a surrogate .. but the thought keeps popping back into my head. 

Since Rio is now back to work, I have decided to throw the science phobia to the curve and take a leap of faith.  I am therefore studying basic science.  More specifically the basics of biology and chemistry in order to prepare for a placement test for an Anatomy & Physiology class.  Since I do not have a college level chemistry class and my bio class is way old, I need to pass a placement test in order to get into A&P.  In turn A&P is a requirement for me to get into the nursing program I am considering.

A few weeks ago I decided to put my "feelers" out for real and I applied to nursing school.  I really did it!  I can't believe that I actually did it but truly I am so excited about the possibility.  Currently the school is evaluating my transcripts and only time will tell what happens next.  For now there are a few obstacles in my way but I am ready to conquer ... first there is the matter if the placement test for the A&P class and secondly acceptance into the nursing program.

So wish me luck... I am leaving my heart wide open and trying to take it all in bit by bit ....  if it is meant to be it will... back to the books ... stay tuned :-)


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