Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update on goal for 10/13...

Well I did not quite drop the 5 lbs I wanted ... but I am getting closer.  And I partially blame visitors!!!  Eating lots of good food with them is not so good for my diet!

I have not had a chance to run much as our schedules have been a bit crazy and all over the place.  However, I have established a daily work-out routine here at home for lifting weights and lots and lots and lots of stomach crunches in an effort to combat my tummy zone that Sebastian so affectionately refers to as my blubber!!!. 

I have also been getting on the trampoline daily.  It gives some cardio workout - not enough - but some and I am starting to see some pay off on my calves.  In order to see the results that I want though, I know I need to step up on the cardio workouts.  However, slow progress is still good and I will take it ... like a turtle knows "slow and steady wins the race." 

I am planning to sign up for two different 5K races coming up.  One is called the Turkey Trot and the other is a Christmas Jingle something.  Even if I only run part of them, I will be happy with just completing them and having two 5K's under my belt before the end of the year.


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