Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 weeks on the nose...

If all goes accordingly to plans, three weeks from now I will be laying in a bed in a hotel in Portland hoping, wishing and praying that a little something is going to stick!  I am excited as it looks like A will be here for transfer as well - I know she really wants to be, so here is to hoping that everything works out just right.

Three weeks! ... it will be here before we know it.  Our contract is almost fully done - can't wait for it to be signed, sealed and delivered.  It has been long time underway but sometimes travel and work schedules do not always match so well - the important thing is that we are pretty much done with that part.

It is always a bit surreal counting down to transfer.  Getting pregnant with my own children just happened .. with Magnus and Olivia it happen right when we wanted it to.  With Sebastian it took a little longer but still it happened ... with surrogacy it is so completely different.  It is a highly structured effort, all planned in the nitty gritty detail, and still achieving pregnancy can sometimes be a challenge.  For now my body is responding great to the RE's protocol and hopefully it will continue to do so.  I go back next Thursday to have my blood levels checked again as well as an ultrasound to make sure my lining is responding appropriately as well. 

Next up to worry about is the embryos.  They have been frozen for a bit and we all hope that they make the thaw.  Hopefully we will have a good quality embryo to transfer.  Off course we will - positive thinking all the way!  Knowing that "I will be pregnant" just three weeks from now is so so cool....hopefully a cute little bean wants to hang out with me the next 9 long months ;-)


Jeni said...

That's right! Positive thinking all the way! :) You're going to be pregnant in just 3 weeks! Crazy!


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