Thursday, May 3, 2012

First blood draw...

Today is day 11 of my medical protocol.... 11 small injections down ~ the big ones are starting soon!

I am now done with birth control pills and with the first round of Doxy ... hallelujah!!  Yesterday I started getting a headache and it was lurking for most of the day.  I know that it is due to the Lupron building up in my system as napping did not help and neither did a coke.  I totally needed to study for my micro midterm, but the headache was too intense so I went to bed instead.  Luckily it was mostly gone this morning...just a little remnant left but it is better for now. 

I went to Portland today for my first blood draw of this cycle.  They are checking the estradiol levels in my system and it came back good and low at 6.  This means that the Lupron is the doing what it is supposed to do in suppressing my natural ovulation cycle. With the number low, I am now on track to start the Delestrogen injections on Monday.  The good news from my nurse coordinator also included that I am able to drop my Lupron dose down to 5 units per day starting Monday as well .... hopefully the lurking headache will be gone soon.

... day 1 of the BIG needles coming up soon.


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