Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...

Today is first Sunday market of the season .... I am so excited ~ I love the market.  I love all the good smells of food, looking at all the different vendor stalls, and purchasing farm fresh produce and other homemade goodies.  We had a delicious lunch and I got a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

The boys and I also went to one of the galleries to pick up my mother's day present from my honey - it is a cute evil cat statue on his soap box .... just love it!!!

My morning started off on a wonderful note.  Sebastian brought me "breakfast in bed" ... so cute!  It was a little baggie they had made at school and it had a cute poem, and orange and a granola bar in it.  Love that kid.  Then Olivia came with a school made gift and a home made card too.... so sweet.

It is a beautifully sunny day and I am trying hard not to feel down....I have so much to be grateful for, still it is hard not to think of two little boys who just arrived way to soon.  Today is the twinkies birthday ... a whole year has passed since my heart was crushed into little took me a while to put it back together again, but I did and the process of doing so reaffirmed some decisions made in my heart long ago.  Life always have surprises right around the corner and I am excited about many new things ahead.

While enjoying my Mother's day with my three great kiddos.... I also send very special Mother's day wishes out to three incredible women that I have met through surrogacy.  I feel so blessed with the wonderful and special time of carrying extra little feet in my belly.  I am sending much love out to princess V and pray that baby N is doing well and having a wonderful birthday ~ as for Angel J ..... I hope that he is watching down on us and eating a whole lot of angel food cake today.


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