Friday, October 9, 2009

36 week check-up...

This week we saw Dr. L - and I did not care for him very much. Neither did M (IM)....I hope he will not be the one to deliver Baby V!!

Anyway the check-up went ok. I am up 1 lb from last visit 2 weeks ago - so slow and steady weight gain. My blood pressure reading was off 130 over 65 - which is way to high for me. Normally my systolic number is between 100 and 110, so 130 would be a bit concerning to me. Funny the doctor did not even mention it! However, I had Rio re-check it later in the evening and it was 105/62 ..much better and in the range I am normally in.

Dr. L did the strep-B test and a cervix check. We should have results from the strep test by next visit. My cervix is still fully closed but "soft" .. whatever that means. I think Baby V is good and comfortable where she is currently hanging out and will stay put for a bit longer.

M&M stayed for dinner after our appointment - it was very nice. Ms. T had made roasted chicken, potatoes, brusselsprouts and salad...yummy! Olivia ate almost all the brussel sprouts. The dinner madness at our house is most definitely very different that the quietness at M&M's ... but soon they will know just how crazy life gets when you add a couple of kids to the mix.


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