Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 4th...

November 3rd is the official due date...which means that since today is October 4th, we are within the 30 day window of Baby V's arrival. The day is coming closer really quickly now .... M&M are baby shopping this weekend and I hope they have lots of fun!

We went to the zoo today and we just had a really nice day. Although I gotta say - if you visit the Portland zoo .. skip the train ride - it is not worth the $3.50!! All you see is junk and if you are lucky maybe an animal or two...lesson learned! The St. Louis zoo is so much better!!! .. yes there are some things to miss about St. Louis!

After the zoo we went to Target to do a bit of Halloween shopping. We wanted to make sure that we have everything ready just in case Baby V decides to before Halloween! Olivia was a bit concerned that she would not be able to trick or treat if that was the case..but I reassured her that Daddy would take her... even if I could not walk around and display the beautiful pumpkin I am currently growing straight out in front. My belly is quite round and my shirts are getting pretty there are only a few shirts that I really like to wear anymore. I bought a few long sleeved t's at Target to mix it up a bit.. still by the time I get through this last month, everyone is gonna be happy that I will be out of my maternity wardrobe.

On Wednesday I go in for my 36 week check-up and from here on out I will now go for weekly ob visits. I know they are going to do the strep B screening test - pretty sure they will do a cervix check as well, so it will be exciting to see if anything is happening in that department. With all 3 of my own, I started dilating around this time - for each of them I know that I was about 1 cm when my ob did a cervix check at my 36 week appointment.


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