Wednesday, October 28, 2009

39 Weeks & 1 day...

I had my weekly OB visit today with Dr. E. M (IF) came out for the appointment and Olivia came along as well.

I have been a little apprehensive the last couple of days as the news of Baby K has settled in. He looks adorable and is a big boy. Hi size had me worried a bit about the potential size of Baby V...but Dr. E managed to alleviate some of those fears for me today.

The appointment went well. My weight is about the same as last week....and now I know I am eating (...and eating a lot) but it must not be sticking .. which really ... I am pretty ok with that! My blood pressure is good 110/68 - down a bit from the previous two weeks this is good.

My belly measured 37 weeks today - Olivia got to help out with the measuring as well as finding the heartbeat - she was very excited....and very sassy all afternoon!!! but that is a different story.

M, Dr. E and I discussed the size of Baby K and potential size of the baby V. Dr. E does not think that I am carrying a 9 lb baby .. unless I am hiding it very well. I think that I all belly and I can feel her in there - but I have no clue as to how big she may be. I did ask, but Dr. E did not want to venture a guess on size - the scale is the only one to tell. She checked my cervix and I am dilated to about 4-5cm. This is a lot of progress from last week of being at 2 cm. I am excited about it - this means my body is definitely getting ready for Baby V's arrival!!! Yeah for birthdays!

Dr. E swept my membranes a bit and I have noticed more color in my discharge since leaving the clinic. However, I have had quite a bit of discharge over the last couple of weeks and I am sure I have been slowly loosing my plug as I have been dilating. Still no significant contractions other than a few here and there which has been the same for the last couple of weeks as well. I hope that I can get a good night sleep and maybe that tomorrow will be the big day.

I have had my membranes swept with all my kiddos in the past and it never seemed to make a difference in bringing on labor any sooner. However, I have never been dilated this far without being in active this is new to me and quite interesting. With all of my three previous births, the sack of water was broken when I was between 3 and 4 cm dilated, and although I was having pretty regular contractions with all of them, I never really felt the contractions until the bag of water was broken. This makes me a bit curios to know if I really am having regular contractions at this point and I just do not feel them because of the water cushion. Speculation speculation....the human body is a miraculous organ.

I just pray and hope that things will progress well and that M&M will make it to the coast in time for Baby V's delivery when the time is here. How wonderful to think about that very soon they will have their little princess to hold along with Baby K.


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