Sunday, October 25, 2009

Doctor's visit...

On Thursday I went in for my weekly check-up. Before heading to the clinic, I met M at the hospital and we went to see the OB Manager there to make sure that they have all the paper work they need. Everything seems to be in order which is very good to know. The manager show us around briefly and we talked about the visiting policies in place with all the flu and swine flu worries around. It seems that it will be ok for the kiddos to come visit me as long as they are all healthy....this is good as Olivia was a little worried that she would not be able to come and see me.

After our brief visit at the hospital, we headed over to the clinic for my check-up. We were scheduled to see Dr. H which is the last doc for me to see. The clinic have 3 OB's and one midwife and whoever is on call will do the would be nice to have meet them all before they may show up in the delivery room!!! Well ...Dr. H's was not there and we got to see the midwife instead. P's is a treat..very funny women ... but boy was she running late that day! She is very chatty and takes her time with her patients. This is great....just not when you are running 1 1/2 behind because of it!! Anyway the check-up was good. I have gained 1 lb and all looks good and well. Baby V's heartbeat was good .... that sound is so precious - I know we will not have many more opportunities to hear that! I had a quick cervix check - still at 2cm 50% effaced so no change there. Guess this little girl wants to keep baking for a bit longer.

As always it was great to see M...very enjoyable conversation as we were waiting for our appointment to begin. Before going to the hospital, I stopped at a great little store in Astoria where I had see the coolest stuffed animals made from recycled plastic bottles. I purchased a bunny and a puppy for the bassinets so they are not so empty while M&M wait for the bundles of joy to arrive. As it turns out....the wait was very short!


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