Thursday, October 15, 2009

Contractions and 37 week visit...

On Tuesday this week we are 37 weeks along...wohoo!! M&M are both very happy that we made this milestone...early full term and baby V seems happy and healthy where she is.

On Wednesday I had an all day staff meeting in Astoria - the meeting went well...but the chairs sucked to sit on!! During the day I had a few contractions but they really picked up overnight - I was having them pretty consistently but they were not painful so I chucked it up to Braxton Hicks and a preview of what is to come!! Today we continued our meeting and my contractions continued as well. Some of them were pretty strong and definitely made me take notice. Pretty exciting although we all hope that Baby V will stay put for a bit longer.

I had my doctor's appointment this afternoon and M (IM) came along as well. This was the first time she met Dr. E - but she was fabulous as usual and she even made sure that M got her swineflu shot done...yeah! The appointment went really well. My weight have been consistent over the last 3 visits - I am happy with that. I feel that I am all belly and the 20+ lbs are primarily sitting on my stomach. My blood pressure was a little high for me 118/low sixties .. I think it was because I was still having some contractions. Dr. E did a cervix check and I am now dilated to 2 cm and effaced 50% - things are progressing!

After the appointment I had to rush off to school for a parent teacher conference as well as get the teacher dinner from the PTA group ready for the school personnel. Conferences went well - both Magnus and Olivia are doing well in school - always room for improvement but I am happy with where they are at.

My contractions have slowed down now as I am sitting here relaxing...This is good news as I have lots to get done at work tomorrow...but I gotta say that I am getting very excited to see when Baby girl decides to join us.


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