Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grow Baby N...

This morning came WAY to 3:10 AM to be exact...which was very early indeed considering that I did not get Magnus and Olivia chased to bed until after midnight as they were so excited about the 4th of July fireworks - and a bit upset about saying goodbye to all their friends. We had to get up really early as today M&O is heading off to Denmark for their first summer adventure alone. Rio was flying with them to Chicago and from there they were flying alone to Copenhagen....I am a bit nervous but I am sure they will have a fantastic trip and a great summer with family and friends.

After dropping Rio and the kids off at the airport, I went to the hospital to visit Little N. Today I would have been 34 weeks along in my pregnancy... and yeah yeah yeah .... as of last night, Baby N has doubled his birth weight! Way to go N .. eat and grow little boy ~ you are looking so good. I enjoyed just sitting and watching him in the quiet morning hours today and I got to change his little diaper too ... he is so cute. I am so glad that he is doing well and growing and progressing ... we are all still very worried about him. Loosing little J makes it so hard not to be scared for him as well. The nurses assured me that he is doing really wonderful and he is now beginning to take bottle feedings as well ... yeah! I hope that very soon he will be able to going home.

Just as I was leaving the NICU, L send me a text message to let me know they were up and would come over to meet up for a bit. It is always good to see them and spent time together. I like to share news of our other children. L showed me some cute stuff they bought for N ... he is going to be such a spoiled little boy....just as he should be :-)

I know this is such a difficult time for them. The loss of little J is just so heartbreaking and he will always be missed. I know that he will always live in my heart and I hope that time will heal their hearts and give them peace. Loosing a child is something no parent should ever have to endure.


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