Sunday, July 17, 2011

NICU escape planning...

Little N will be going home soon!!!  Yeah ... I am happy that the end of a long NICU stay is in sight.  I cannot wait to get the news that he is ready to leave and can travel home with his mom and dad.

I have prayed so many times for this day to come and I am so excited that it is almost here.  I plan to drive back to Portland early next week for a visit ... I do hope I get to see him a couple of more times before they head home.

L send me the cutest pictures of him the other day taken on his 2 month birthday.  He is growing and getting such charming chubby cheeks .. so cute and pinchable!  He is such a little trooper and I know he will bring so much joy and happiness to his family and them to him...he is such a lucky little boy.

It makes me sad that J will not be making the trip along with them .. it is heartbreaking because I know how much he is missed by his family and how loved he would have been.  I miss him too .. it is hard to explain but I miss him because I wanted so much for him to grow up and have a beautiful life with his brother and the rest of his family.  Instead he will live in the hearts of all of us. 

Life is so precious and I try not to take it for granted ... I feel so grateful for my children.  These days I am missing Magnus and Olivia as they are off in Denmark having a fun with cousins and friends.  However, as I am sitting here on my bed watching Sebastian give me sleepy smiles with his toothless grin, I am reminded how lucky I am to be able to reach out and hold my child.

No parent should ever have to loose their little one ... I will always be keeping L&J close in my prayers and little J close in my heart.


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