Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New York ~ Round 2...

Ok ... this post is way over due .. but it has been a little difficult for me to get my thought together as Little J's passing happened at the same time as the excitement of New York was going on. Also it has been very busy around here as Rio has been home for a week, I needed to get Magnus and Olivia ready for their big trip, the 4th of July and all the excitement that comes along.

Anyways... The wonderful story of the Twiblings was recently featured on The View. Michael, Melanie, Melissa, the twiblings and I were all invited to come on the show. It was such an exciting experience to meet the women of the View .. and yes I got my photo with Whoopie!!!

The show brought focus on infertility and surrogacy. I really thought is was a great show and such a wonderful opportunity to bring out a very positive side of surrogacy.

The show was co-hosted by Guiliana Rancic .. she is a sweet heart. I love her show - Guiliana & Bill - and it was just great to meet her in person. The first section featured Alexis Stewart. I did not personally care for her very much and do not agree with her approach to surrogacy...but her story did provide a more "business" side of surrogacy and not all people prefer to have lots of contact during and after their journey. I am so thankful for the relationship I have with M&M .. it truly has enriched my life.

The second section featured a Grandmother who carried her triplet grandchildren. Such an inspiring story and such sweet people. I spent some time talking to them after the show and they have a great mission in life with their foundation helping provide financial support to families affected by infertility. Read more about them at

During the trip I got to spend a good amount time with the twiblings as well as Melanie & Michael and it was just so nice ... the kids are getting so big and independent and just love to explore. We spent some time hanging out in Central Park and went for dinner at a great Italian place on the upper East side of Manhatten.

The day I left for New York was the day that Little J made a turn for the worse. It was so difficult for me to leave the hospital and fly to New York knowing that this beautiful little boy was fighting for his life. It took everything I had to leave the hospital that night but I had made a prior commitment and I am truly happy to share my wonderful surrogacy story. Spending time with Violet and her family was a bringht spot during some difficult days. Sadly the news of J did not get better and I learned of his passing right after we finished taping the show....I was so hard to hear that news and it made me so incredible sad. It still makes me sad and I think about him every day. Little J was not my child to loose ... but a little bit he was mine too ... he came to early from my womb .. was to briefly in our lives ... but he will live in my heart forever.


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