Friday, August 12, 2011

Magnus & Olivia are back...

We are sitting in the Seattle airport on our way back to Portland ... I just love my kids!!!  It was so great so see both of them again after five long weeks in Denmark....I missed them so much. 

Sebastian and I drove to Portland on Wednesday so I could fly out to get the kids in Chicago on Thursday.  First we went to get my car serviced.  Oil change got done quickly and luckily I had them check my tires extra carefully as I have been putting extra air in them quite frequently.  As it turned out there was a nail in one of them...good thing to have fixed now before we start our trek back to the Midwest. 

After getting the car done we went to catch up with M&M and the twiblings.  We spent some time at the playground and although it was catered to bigger kids, it was funny watching both V&K's little minds turn and think about all the things they could do if they were just big enough!  Their little personalities are just blooming and especially their vocabulary is expanding right much fun to watch them grow.  We had Japanese for dinner and this was actually the first time I have been to a real sushi place .. yummy!!!  Sebastian tried a few things but curled his nose at seaweed!   After dinner we drove back to M&M's place and spent a little time just talking and watching Sebastian clown around ... he is not a quiet child - especially not when other little children are sleeping and his mommy would prefer for him to be quiet!!!   He is so funny to watch though and has a great imagination ... and luckily no twiblings were awoken and soon we went off to bed too.  Thanks for letting us spend the night!

We got up really early on Thursday and I dropped Sebastian of at some friends house and then I was Chicago bound ... so excited to get there and just give both Magnus and Olivia a big squeeze.  The have had lots of fun while they were gone and I am sure I will continue to get lots of stories for weeks to come.


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