Friday, August 5, 2011

Still running...

Well ok ok jogging is more like it but eventually hopefully it will be a run!  It feels good to be out and moving and even though was raining this morning, I still got up and went out. 

I am thinking that I need some motivation ~ a little goal to work for ... like bikini motivation ... however, before I will venture out in a bikini (...and it remains to be seen if I will EVER venture out in a bikini again) I will need to drop about 5 ~ 10 lbs and "firm up" a bit.  At this point, I am only about 3 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight with N.   Right now I am not really focusing on weight loss as I am still pumping for little N.  Breast milk production requires a good healthy diet and a higher caloric intake and I want to make sure that my milk is good for him.  My goal with the C25K program is as much about getting into a better mental place as well as physical shape.  Getting back to a more active life style will help my body become more toned and in an overall better shape.  Then when I stop pumping, I will focus on cutting down on calories and hopefully this will help shred the last pounds off.

We have been planning to take a vacation once we are done with our relocation project and everyone is together again.  It will be so nice to spend quality time together as a family.  Where to go ~ where to go??? to ponder where a good vacation spot may be that requires a bikini :-)


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