Monday, September 12, 2011

Back in Illinois...

What a looooong drive from the Oregon coast to central Illinois....especially with 3 kids and 2 dogs in tow!  We left the coast on Wednesday afternoon after the moving truck pulled out and after Olivia gave the neighborhood something to remember her by.  Her screaming!!!  Poor girl got stuck on the eyelid by a yellow jacket just before we were getting ready to leave - her face was swollen for days but she is now back to looking good a new.

Wednesday we made it to Bakers City in Oregon - good progress for day one.  On Thursday we drove to Utah and we got to spend some time with my IM's parents.  They were very wonderful to all of us.  It was nice spending time with them and getting to know them and so incredibly nice of them to invite us to stay overnight.  I went to the cemetery with little J's grandmother and having her with me there was just very special for me ~ I am very thankful to her for being there.

On Friday we drove through Wyoming .... boring!!!  On Saturday we drove through Nebraska ... yawn!!!  I am certain that both of these states have wonderful things to offer visitors but certainly none of these things are located easily accessible of Interstate 80.

Sunday morning we left Omaha and drove the rest of the way.  We did a quick pit stop in Elk Horn, Iowa which is the first official Danish Settlement in the USA.  It was fun to go see - we did not stay long but I am sure we will go back to visit at some point in the future.

Finally we made it to the rental house around dinner time on Sunday ...  now we just have to wait for the moving truck to get here with out stuff too and this could take time.  I called the driver today to get an update on a delivery date and apparently the truck broke down the day he picked up from us and the driver has been stuck in Portland since then waiting for a truck part.  :-( he says delivery will most likely be on the latest possible date that we were given so the house will be empty for a while still.

Anyways ... the kids are registered for school and they start tomorrow.  Yeah!  They are so excited to meet new friends but also nervous about a new school and not knowing anyone.


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