Friday, September 2, 2011

Frosty frosty frosty...

Today is day four of no pumping and that completely engorged feeling is finally going away....I have quite the rack ;-) too bad Rio is not around to enjoy it!!!  Anyways my boobs are still sore and have that full feeling but at least it is no longer painful. 

A second milk shipment went out today.  I shipped it from our local post office instead of one in Portland so it had to be dropped off quite a bit earlier actually already by 12:30PM.  Hopefully it will still make it to little N good and frozen.

I have somewhere north of 300 ounces remaining in the freezer.  I plan to pack it in the cooler and take it to L's mom on our way to Illinois.  L's mom is so sweet and have invited us to stay with them overnight during our journey back East.  It is such a kind thing for her to offer and I am really looking forward to seeing her again.  The first time we met was on the day that J got really sick .... such a sad and difficult day.

On our drive I am also planning to visit little J's final resting place ~ I am so happy to get the opportunity to go there and getting to say my goodbyes to a sweet little angel.


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