Thursday, September 15, 2011


..the house is so quiet!  The kids have all started school and they are now all three going full days.  Sebastian has been worn out the last couple of nights!  I am glad to have the back in school and they seem to be settling into the new routine and surroundings very well.

Olivia is starting band this year and I just ordered her clarinet ~ we found a purple one .. she loves it and cannot wait for it to get here.

Magnus is in middle-school now and his schedule is very different from what he is used to ... but so far so good.  I love the fact that he has PE everyday.

Unfortunately, it seems that we will completely miss soccer season this year which makes all three of them a bit unhappy ... I have left a few messages but we are not getting any response.  So now I am pondering what other activities we should involve them in.

During all this quiet time I have been doing a ton of cleaning.  The home we are renting is really lovely but it has a musty smell of "old smoke".  Although the home was listed as "non-smoking", I think previous owners at some point use to smoke and the odor is stuck in the woodwork.  I have been wiping everything down with a vinegar and lavender solution and it is helping some. 

Well off to clean some more and to hit Bath and Body works for some "out-let" fragrance plug-ins....hoping that my truck will show up on Monday!!!


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