Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbyes are always hard...

The house is almost packed up and the moving truck will be rolling in Tuesday morning.  It makes me incredible sad to be leaving a home that we love but it makes it easy to do when I know what is ahead.  Our family back together again. 

There are many things that I will miss - especially the sound of the ocean and the view of endless waves....on the upside we will have a lake down behind our back yard and although it will not bring the roll of the ocean waves it may bring an occasional splash (...even if I have to go make it myself!) 

Saying goodbye is never easy ... I hate goodbyes and prefer instead to think of them as "see you later."  See you later leaves open the possibilities for the future ... possibilities of many good things to come.

On our journey back to the Midwest, there is one final goodbye that I have to make and this one is ever so difficult.  I am very pleased that I will have the opportunity to go to see little J's final resting place even though I know it will be a very hard thing to do.  My heart still hurts and every day I think of our sweet little angel.  I look forward to just being there by his side for just a little while.


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