Friday, September 16, 2011


Sadness comes in waves and this morning after the kids went of on the school bus it just hit me full force.  Another surrogate from SMO just delivered twins at just around 25 weeks gestation - I do not know much about her other than she has had 5 previous singleton pregnancies and this is her first twin pregnancy.  From her postings, I can tell that she went into labor at 24 +3 without much forewarning at all.  Luckily they were able to stall labor and hold of on deliver for another 4 days.  Being able to hold off on delivery would have allowed for steroid shots to help the babies lungs mature and for magnesium which has proven benefits for babies too in the event of premature deliveries.

It made me so sad to read the short note about her delivery via c-section.  Her story resembles mine ... good previous singleton pregnancies and then BAM a change and a twin pregnancy coming to an end! 

My heart goes out to the surrogate.  I know that she, her IP's and babies have a rough ride ahead.  I pray that the babies are doing well and that the NICU will be kind to them.  I pray for courage for the parents who will endure so much worry and heartache in looking at their little ones struggle just to live.   I pray for the babies that they will grow strong and have minimal life long effects of their early arrival and that they get to home to be loved and cherished. 

I wish this experience on no one and the fact that someone else is embarking on a "ride" similar to the one L&J and I have just been through makes me makes my heart hurt.

Grow babies grow...


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