Friday, January 6, 2012

A leap of faith...

A little wish made on a New Years eve in the wee hours of a brand new year, sat in motion a ripple effect of dreams and possibilities.

I have allowed for the seeds of wonder to grow .. opened my heart to the possibility of a new journey and let the excitement settle upon my soul.

It truly feels like something coming full circle...I am not doing this to get a happy ending, I am not doing this just to apeace my heart…I am considering this because I have connected with an IM that is very special to me.  Someone I have developed a friendship with and whose dreams of a baby is something that I have prayed would happen for a very LONG time.

Who knows where things will go from here …. who knows where life will take us. Maybe no where .. only time will tell. What I do know is that my last journey rattled my soul to the core and challenged my belief in that some things are meant to be. But here we are … another twist of fate and again, some things just seems like they are meant to be.

Sometimes in life we need to take a leap of faith...I think this is one of those times.


RebekahRose said...

Beautiful post - lots of positive thoughts for you and this potential match!! :)

Fie said...

Thanks Rebekah :)

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