Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spilling....overflowing really...

I am totally excited ... we are doing it ~ we are actually doing this. We are jumping into the pool testing the water and see if we can swim as a team!  Woohoo!!!!

I got my "pre-cycle" checklist from the clinic.  It is the same clinic and RE that I have worked with for both my previous surrogacies.  This is great.  I really like Dr. H a lot.  He knows my health history well and knows how I respond to their protocols.  I am two for two (two transfers = two pregnancies) at their clinic which is really cool indeed!  So here we go cautiously moving forward to number three.... 

Step one is taken .... I am back on pre-natal vitamins to prepare my body for a possible pregnancy.  It is still early, but we all feel that it is crucial to make sure that my body will have all the nutrients it requires to grow a healthy baby way in advance of actually pursuing a pregnancy.  Step two is to get going on the rest of the screening list and getting all the required testing done.  There is quite a bit to do.   I will need sort through the list as some items were already done with my regular medical check-ups back in the fall.

At this point things can still come up that will prevent us from officially moving forward with a full blown journey.  Nothing is set in stone yet,  and while I feel confident that all will be just fine, it is good to go through all the medical details in the nitty gritty just to make sure.  Everyone wants this to be a smooth go and accordingly we will jump through all the hoops in order to make sure that we are cleared for take off.

A&S ... what an incredible first few weeks of January this has been.  I am so excited for all the possibilities of what is to come.  I can think of no one I would rather do this with.

Life always have a way of coming full circle.  When I first "met" A&S, we clicked well and I truly wanted to help fulfill their dream of a sibling.  It was not meant to be at that time but the continued friendship between A and I has been wonderful.  It has been such a blessing getting to know them and makes this potential journey even more meaningful.

To me it is so important and very comforting that A&S know all about my previous journeys ... we are in full disclosure and are moving forward with eyes wide open.  A lot of the "hard" discussions have actually been really easy going.  In surrogacy it is SO incredible important that all the parties are on the same page with many many things.  Well, we were pretty much there a year and a half ago and while some things have changed ... most really stayed the same ... we know what we want this to look like and hopefully once we get to the actual contract stage, getting through it will just be a matter of formality.

A and I have been corresponding a lot via email .. it is great to wake up to her notes in the mornings.  Since we are not in the same time zone, timing of phone calls and managing kids can be kind of tricky, but email is great and it works well for us.  Recently we had a long phone call ... it was sweet and beautiful and full of so many dreams and wishes.  It was nice hearing her voice again.  Last time we spoke was back in August of 2010 ... but we picked up the conversation again so easily.

I think that I can safely say that we are all on cloud nine about the possibilities....oohhh the possibilities :-)


RebekahRose said...

Awww! Love the update!! SO excited and hopeful for you and can't wait to watch the details all come together! :)

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