Saturday, January 28, 2012

My girlie cracks me up...

I am very proud of my heritage.  I try to expose the kids to as much Danish stuff as possible.  We visit as often as we can ~ which will never be often enough!  We cook Danish foods ~ and we love love LOVE when we get goodies from Denmark in the mail (but we especially love when the goodies come packed in a suitcase along with visitors!!)  We also often speak about family, events and various happenings in Denmark.  Today we had a few fun exchanges:

In the car going to the Zoo:
Olivia: Mom is this a Danish that I am eating?
Me: yes
Olivia: yumm...I am a cannibal ~ I am eating my own kind!

At home looking at pictures of the new Princess in the royal family:
Olivia: You know a lot of men in Denmark have cheeks like that (referring to the proud dad ~ Prince Joachim of Denmark ~ with pink cheeks rounded out in a smile)
Me: lots of people have cheeks like that
Olivia: yes lots of people in Denmark
Me: well you know the prince of Denmark is half French and the mom (Princess Marie) is also French
Olivia: ooohh french toast ~ yummy
Me: what???

I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff ... she is hilarious.  On a more serious note, you Danes and Frenchmen out there, better watch out ... she may sink her teeth into you next!!!


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