Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A little hick-up in the plan...

I am a planner ... I like when things go accordingly to plan.  I like when I can neatly check everything off my list - in order!

Well this whole house selling thing has not gone according to plan ~ as a matter of fact is has gone so far far far away from the plan as it possibly could!  It is very frustrating.  So since we are now back in limbo trying to figure out exactly what we are doing with our wonderful home....that I love but am not currently residing in, I have decided to put school on hold for just a little while ... yes this also means putting the goal of nursing school on hold for a while as I will not be eligible to enter the program without finishing the classes I was signed up to take.

In the grand scheme of things - all with be ok - but in the immediate it just sucks!  It was a huge let down to go back into the registrars office to withdraw when so recently I excitedly signed up.  I had been really charged up for these classes and truly enjoyed these first few weeks.  But the distraction of everything with the house has totally taken my focus away from studying as much as I should have been, and not knowing exactly what our next step may be is just a tad bit stressful.

So for now, I am fancy free!  Plans change, hopefully my plan for nursing school will not be derailed but just taking a small detour while we regroup.


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