Sunday, January 8, 2012

School is starting soon...

The kids go back to school from Christmas break tomorrow.  I am so ready for them to start back up as they are getting too bored just hanging around with me all day.  Rio has off this weekend which was so nice.  The kids are loving the extra time with him and so am I.  Yesterday we drove to Davenport, IA and went to the Putnam Museum.  There were hardly anyone there so the kids got lots on hands on time with the various exhibits.  We also saw a 3D Shark movie - it was really interesting.  This is the best 3D feature I have ever been to...I felt like the fish were coming straight at us.  Sebastian kept trying to catch the jelly fish ... it was so cute!

School for me starts in just another week.  I am very excited about my upcoming classes.  I am getting a little bit nervous too.  It has been a long time since I last had to study ... so time will tell how it will go.  I am thinking about just taking 2 classes instead of 3 but since one of them is an online class only, I hope it will not be too bad.

For now my New Years resolutions are holding up well.  I enjoy writing out little notes and I hope the recipients like them as well.  As far as working out goes ... I am sticking with it.  We ended up not getting the eliptical for a couple of reasons.  Instead I got the abglider and am using it everyday.  Rio also have a the insanity workouts so I will be trying those out as well.  I did the warm up for it today ... boo after those 10 minutes I was ready for a break!

I will be hanging with it though....just trying to get in tip top shape.  I feel great with the extra exercise in my day.  It gives a lot more energy ... and being in a great place health wise is important for many different reasons ; -)


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