Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thyroid testing...

It is done and all levels have fully returned to normal.

My labs taken as part of my full regular medical check-up back in October revealed that a few of my blood levels were not within the "regular" parameters of the norm.  One of these were my thyroid levels.  The overall level was increased above where it should it be, but as I discussed with my practitioner, it was likely as a result of my recent pregnancy and lactation.  I stopped pumping breast milk for little N just a month earlier and both lactation and pregnancy can have an impact on thyroid levels.

Never the less, the levels were off enough that my doc wanted some follow-up tests.  The first follow-up in December showed that my overall thyroid level had returned to within the normal range, but that my T3 and T4 levels were still not there yet.  So I went in for another follow-up last Friday ... and tada ... all my levels are now back in the range they should be.  Yeah - one thing to cross of my worry list!

The other two lab values that were out wack were my Vitamin D and triglyceride levels.  I have been taking a liquid Vitamin D supplement to pump my level back up where it should be.  Between the extra liquid drops and now being back on pre-natal vitamins, hopefully my levels will be great when we retest in about a month.

The increased triglyceride level is the one that stomps me a bit.  It really was not that far out of range but still higher than it should be.  I am not over weight, I eat a pretty clean diet with lots of fresh fruits and veggies,  I try to stay away from a white breads,  I do not drink much soda or eat much candy ... so I am not sure why my level would be high.  Even so, I have become even more conscious of my diet since October.  I try to really look out for those refined sugars in food products and make healthy choices.  My exercise habits are also much better ... so hopefully when we re-test, the number will be could also be that my "normal" level is just a tad bit higher than "the average normal" range.  If that is the case, at least we have a base line to compare my follow-up results again.

So for this month my regular clinic is done "sucking" blood from me ... now I get to move on to the other "blood suckers" as the reproductive clinic has some testing requirements to be fulfilled.  For now we are waiting on my records from my MFM appointment and my regular physical to be forwarded on to Dr. H and his staff so they can determine which screening appointments I will need to move forward.


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