Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You got a plan until you have a new one...

I have spent the last week being extremely frustrated with our mortgage company and the mortgage insurance company ... in my humble opinion, they just SUCK!!!!

Anyways with a second attempt to sell our house gone astray ... we need regroup and make a new plan....and do it quickly!!  So we are pondering what to do what to do... 

There are options.  All of them are not exactly desirable, but they are options.  So now we just have to decide which option we want to go with.

Option 1 - let the bank have the house .... yeah won't really work for me.  I am just not up for completely botching my credit and ability to buy another home for who knows how long!

Option 2 - continue paying and using it as a vacation home.  Well that is a nice option, except the house is empty!  Oh and Rio works ALL the time so there is no time for a vacation, and lastly it is just too much money to pay for a home that is not used or loved.  We have been paying double rent for way to long at this point and it is just not a viable option to continue doing so.  Watching most of our savings leek monthly down the drain to pay for a home that we are not in ... well it SUCKS!

Option 3 - move back in.  Well that is also a nice option!!  Woohoo I can do that ... then again a job is really necessary and living in my lovely home but without a job ... that is not a viable option either.

Option 4 - winning the lottery ... YES!!!  This is my preferred option ~ guess I really need to start buying the lottery tickets in order for this to be a viable one.

Option 5 - renting it out.  UGH I hate this option...but alas it may be the only way right now.  We are looking into it and will be making a decision soon.  Anyone want to rent a fantastic and beautiful home on the Oregon coast ... let me know!

Hmmm.... so where I am - got a new plan?  Nope not yet .... but I am sure that a new one will come to me .. I just have to think about it really hard :-(


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