Monday, May 9, 2011

100 Days...

Today is Day 181 of my pregnancy which means that there is exactly 100 days left to my full term due date of August 16, 2011. I have been incredible blessed to be able to carry these two little boys snuggled deep within me.

The babies are growing and so is my belly...fatigue has been more of a constant companion in this pregnancy - much more so than in my other ones - but this is common when carrying twins. I feel incredibly fortunate that we are almost to end of the second trimester without any problems...just one more week and I enter the third trimester.

In the beginning, the prospect of carrying twins was a little scary. A twin pregnancy can progress very differently than a singleton but really with any pregnancy there are risks. It has been a very unique opportunity to follow the growth of these little ones as I seem them on ultrasound at every OB appointment. It is amazing to see the changes in growth and development from month to month. They are now making their presence know with kicks and love quite often. As I know the general placement for each of them, I can tell who is kicking when - for the most part anyway. They are active but not quite as active as little miss V was. Actually I thought I would feel them more given there are two .. but maybe they are running out of room!

Here is to 100 more days of twinkie growing and feeling good to the end!


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