Thursday, May 12, 2011

Carrying twins...

I have so far been blessed with a great pregnancy and I continue to feel physically well. However, carrying twins is definitely a different ball game than carrying a singleton...well I guess it could be that I am getting older as well - but we will discount that fact ;-)

Fatigue is pretty much a constant companion. I am much more tired and find myself resting a lot - I suppose that this could also be the result from interrupted sleet and waking up to go to the bathroom 3 to 4 times each night! In any event, I am very much alert to when my body tells me to stop and relax and then making sure that I sit/lay down for a bit. I do not want to take any chances on bringing on any pre-term labor by doing too much and extra rest is always good when pregnant - these babes requires lots of energy for growing big and strong.

I am now approaching the third trimester and the point in pregnancy that the babies will really begin packing on the weight. I can tell that my belly is getting heavier and it is filled out .. it will be exciting to see how big it will get. The stretching of my round ligaments around the lower part of my belly can be quite uncomfortable - like a sharp twitch that will stop you in your tracks to catch your breath. My groin muscles are also beginning to feel the extra pressure from above ... and lets not even talk about my bladder which I am sure is the size of a flatten out pancake at this time causing me to go to the bathroom a million times a day or so it seems!

I am trying to not let the stress get to me as I know this can complicate things and what we do not need is complications!!! However, with our upcoming move, home purchase and sale, and the craziness of being "single-mom" with three kiddos and two dogs, it would be untruthful to say that there is not the occasional challenging day...but we manage and I just take it one day at the time.

I am so thankful for having an opportunity to once again help complete a family - it is truly such a special experience. The other day I stopped by to visit with M&M and little Miss Violet - it touches my heart each time I see M&M embrace parenthood and to see how big their sweet little girl is getting. She is so adorable .. signing and talking up a storm and is just in the "go-mode" of being a toddler.

Becoming a parent is such a life changing event. I pray everyday that I am guiding my children right and although that as parent I know I make plenty of mistakes - I hope that all the good times makes up for all the imperfections in life. I love being a mom and I cannot image a life without my children. I am so blessed!


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