Friday, May 27, 2011

2 weeks old today...

N & J are two weeks old today! Gestational age is 28 weeks and 2 days. Such little sweet hearts!

I went up to see them today and to drop off milk for them. I was so good to see them .. they are still so tini tiny but are the sweetest little things. Both of them were sleeping while I was there - but I did get a couple of peeks at their eyes - especially N's - as their diapers were getting changed. So cute!

The last few days have provided some ups and downs for is ever so difficult to know he is struggling. I know that with preemies there are always so many things to worry about and what if's and things can make a turn for the worse really quickly but it can also change back just as quick ... really all anyone can do it to take life one day at the time and hope and pray for the best possible outcome. I have strong faith that two sweet little boys will grow big soon!

Mom has gotten to hold both of her boys and Dad have held Baby J ... I know they treasured that and it must be so sweet holding them close.

They are tolerating my milk well and their feedings are increasing hopefully they will pack on some weight soon. I am making sure that I get lots of different kinds of foods ... and have been eating lots and lots of raisins to get more iron into my diet and hope that will help with N's anemia. was tempted to have a diet of donuts for Magnus' birthday and thinking that the extra calories will make my milk good and fatty for them .. but for those of you who are wondering, I only ate 1 1/2 donut!

I am getting to feel much much better and on more even footing emotionally. I was really in shock that this happened - I know that any pregnancy can throw a curve ball at you - just did not think I was going to happen to me!... I still have some "down" moments - and hearing not so good news about the babes is especially hard....but for now they are both having a good day and I will do a happy dance for that anytime.


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