Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good day today...

I had a really hard time last night and I am very thankful that my hubby was here to just sit and listen as I poured out my frustrations of these last days.

Today was a much better day!

I am feeling better and my pain level from surgery is going down. I am trying to manage my pain with over the counter Tylenol and Ibuprofen alone and leave the stronger narcotic pain medicine on the shelf... so far so good. Although the doctors did not prescribe anything unsafe for pumping milk for the boys, I just do not want any residual medication effects to run through to the them if I can avoid it.

After getting the kids to school, Rio and I headed to Portland first to go see my attorney and next to the hospital to see the babies and to drop of milk for them.

My attorney had parentage paperwork ready to be signed and L&J's attorney was going to file it with the courts this afternoon. Yeah! Since the boys were born so early, this step had yet to be taken to make L&J the official parents for the boys - I hope that having this step out of the way will bring some comfort to them.

The highlight of my day was seeing sweet N&J .. they are so very small but are doing well for their gestational age. Both of them are on c-pap but breathing on their own. They are tolerating feedings and these are increasing daily which is eat eat!!! Grow grow grow!!! J even gain a bit of weight ... I hope both of them will be packing on the ounces very soon.

My milk supply is coming in a bit slowly but it is increasing a bit every day. Pumping milk helps me do something that I know will have a positive impact for them. It helps me cope a little bit with the lack of control that I feel in this situation.

Thankful and prayerful for many more good days!


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