Thursday, March 1, 2012

Acceptance letter...

Last week I got my acceptance letter for nursing school in the mail.  It was a little bitter sweet.  I knew that my chances of getting admitted were excellent but seeing it in black and white and knowing that I will not be able to go right now is ... well ... I could say upsetting ... but instead I am going to say "encouraging".

I know that I have the qualifications to go and meet the requirements (aside from some science classes that I will continue to pursue as soon as I can enroll in classes again out here on the coast) - and most importantly: I GOT IN!!!!  Focus on the positives ... I have the skills but the timing is not right at this moment in time.

If I got accepted once, I know I can get accepted again.  My focus on going back to school has not fallen off track just been put on the side burner for a little while.  Being unable to get approval to sell our house really threw us for a loop in our plans.  Still we are going to make the best of it and I will look at the positives and there are many things that makes my heart truly happy:

My children and so very excited to be home ... seeing their happy faces as they come in from playing with their friends is so wonderful

Listening to the sound of playing kiddos everyday when school is out

Listening to the sounds of the roaring ocean from my backyard

Walking in the sand by an seemingly endless ocean listening to the constant crash of the waves

I got accepted to nursing school ... this is a good thing even if I cannot go right now

..and maybe baby ... hopefully a sweet little one will be in the making very soon!  I have completed the majority of my screenings and we are on track to begin contracts ~ we are all so excited.

So while I miss my hubby so so much right now .. we will just keep making lemonade!  We are ever so thankful that we had the opportunity to say "let's move back to our wonderful home" instead of loosing it and leaving us in a financial mess...we are thankful that Rio has a great job that provides very well for all of us.  Life is not getting us down and when handed lemons, we will made the best of it and continue to pray for a local job opportunity for him very very soon.

...ok happy March y'all ... and happy happy birthday to my big brother!


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