Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Talked to my attorney...

Time for attorneys ... crazy but true.  This is exciting as all my psychological and medical clearance have now been done and I feel comfortable moving on to the contract portion of this journey.

My IP's and I are in full agreement that our friendship, confidence, and trust in one another is the backbone of this journey.  I feel so very fortunate that we have had the opportunity of getting to know each other very well and hopeful it will make the contract process go very smoothly.  Contracts are a crucial component to protect all parties in a surrogacy arrangement.  They are a formality that is a must and it is important to pay attention to all the minutia and details to be addressed in there.  Involving attorneys clearly protects everyone for the duration but it also imparts some contention as obviously each party is coming from a different angle.

If have recently been in contact with the attorney I have used for my previous journeys via email.  He is really great and I totally trust and appreciate his guidance.  We also had the opportunity to speak on the phone as well and it was great to touch base and to know that he is willing and happy to represent me with this new contract as well.

So here we go on to new excitement ...   


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