Sunday, March 11, 2012

Running on the beach...

I love being on the beach ... I took the kids and the doggies down there around lunch time today.  It was very windy and it was great feeling that wind rush past you with the waves crashing at your feet.  I got in a great run - it was not a long run - but in the wind, on the sand and with leg-weights on - it was a good run.  I also used the logs for push-ups and dips so my arms definitely got a great work out as well and then I finished up with a few sprints up the sand dunes ... I can feel that in my glutes tonight!

We were lucky with the weather.  It was sprinkling in the morning and almost as soon as we pulled back into the driveway, it started hailing....only to have the sun peek back out moments later.  Back to the crazy coastal weather - especially in the winter.  I guess it is technically spring at this point .. but tell the weather gods that!  Snow is expected in the mountain passes this week .. just in time for me to go to Portland on Wednesday for my trial transfer.  I am however taking it as a sign of good luck .. every time I have been in the testing/transferring time window, snow has fallen in the mountain passes and at least one of my drives to the clinic has been at a snails pace.

Wow ... I actually  just wrote that!!!  We have our trial transfer scheduled for this Wednesday - yeah!  The clinic is passing on a full mock cycle this time which is great.  Since I am doing my transfer with the same doc and clinic, and both of my previous transfers were successful, it is a pretty safe bet that I will respond well to the transfer protocol the third time around. 

Contracts are getting under way as well ... we have a great team of attorneys who will be working on these so I am sure it will be a smooth process.  Again just wow ... I am actually getting to do this one more time!  I am totally excited ... it is like being a kid on Christmas.  After I meet with the RE on Wednesday, I should know more about timing for the actual transfer ... guessing that it will be somewhere in the end of April or in May.


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